RU Contacts
Dmitry Popov
Managing Director, Corporate Services
Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM), MBA
Military University of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation
Speaks Russian and English
Has successful experience in the field of business consulting.
Specializes in detailed study of problems and identifies aspects negatively affecting the development and advancement of an organization.
Design specialist of optimal, efficient and innovative solutions. By developing alternative business design offers, he provides realization of capital-intensive projects and commercial transactions.
Dmitry Popov

Our Team

Korpus Prava team is a team of reliable professionals devoted to their work, with high skilled Russian and foreign experts in taxation and law.

The company pays special attention to improving auditors' and consultants' expertise by regular and specialized educational and training programmes. This makes it possible for us to steadily develop existing trends and quickly master new ones in our professional activities and services we provide.

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