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Aimed at all business owners and managers of financial entities it offers new ways for organization of various processes, leading to more productive work and more successful development.

This quarterly journal has gained popularity and a large regular readership because of the relevance of the actual subjects studied by Korpus Prava and of the proposals for action based solely on the company’s experience.

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Artem Paleev PhotoArtem Paleev
Managing Partner

Dear readers!

We are glad to welcome you in the pages of the winter edition of "Korpus Prava.Analytics"., which is traditionally dedicated to topical issues of the new year.

This new year has brought up a number of new issues, particularly in the sphere of taxation.Our auditor Svetlana Sviridenkova covers in her article those amendments, which apply to the majority of legal entities and individuals of the Russian Federation.

In recent years, the issue of foreign exchange legislation has always been the focal point of discussions. Thus, by the end of 2017, the State Duma received the draft law On Amendments to the Federal Law on Foreign Exchange Regulation, which became effective from January 1, 2018. This event became a long-awaited present to thousands of Russian citizens residing abroad. The lawyer of Korpus Prava Private Wealth Tatiana Frolova gives in her article a detailed review of all new introductions to the foreign exchange regulation.

We traditionally follow not only the legislation of the Russian Federation, but also the one of other countries. This issue covers the latest news on the U. S. tax legislation.

2017 is often called the last year of tax schemes. Having reviewed all the latest changes, our specialists have agreed with this statement. Given the tendency of tax control strengthening, tax schemes should be avoided. However, it does not prohibit taxpayers from applying special tax treatments and tax benefits. This issue covers all significant changes, which will influence business activities in 2018, and provides recommendations on business practices.

We hope these materials will be really beneficial to your business. We always welcome your feedback and comments. Happy and prosperous New Year!

See you next time on the pages of "Korpus Prava.Analytics"!

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