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The Concept of Tax Monitoring Development Was Approved

The Russian government has approved the concept of developing a tax monitoring system.

Tax monitoring is the latest system of information interaction between the state and business, which is based on a risk management system. It allows you to significantly reduce company costs and reduce document flow.

The essence of the concept is to gradually reduce the threshold for companies to voluntarily join the system-by three times for each of the mandatory criteria.

Recall that the Federal tax service has been using monitoring since 2016. At the moment, only large companies with an annual turnover of at least 3 billion rubles and assets worth 3 billion rubles can be connected to tax monitoring.

But the signed concept assumes that from 2022, organizations with annual revenues of 1 billion rubles, assets — 1 billion rubles, and the total amount of taxes calculated for the year — 100 million rubles will be able to enter tax monitoring.