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EuroGate 2009

Korpus Prava Company, with SMAO and the support of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus, have run the Conference Eurogate'09, devoted to current issues of modern world economy. The Conference (13-16 September 2009) included presentations and discussions on new tools useful for further development of business, and receive recommendations from market leaders and representatives from the relevant authorities.

The role and aim of each Eurogate conference is to becoume, not only an authoritative source of information about the latest trends in financial risk management in a global economic crisis, but also an excellent venue in which representatives of the business community of Russia, CIS and Europe will be able to reach agreements on joint projects and initiate beneficial cooperation.



    • Development perspectives of Russian economy and economies of CIS countries in economic recession. The role of governmental and commercial sectors
    • Liquidity crisis: is it a new barrier or a good opportunity to conduct the international business
    • Financing the capital operations
    • Successful business projects of CIS in Europe and Asia: the Balkans, the Baltic States, Germany, China
    • IPO prospects in liquidity crisis context. Alternative sources of financial growth
    • Practice in the application of EU directives, including procedures against money laundering
    • CIS Central Banks’ strategies to uphold national banking systems.
    • New financial architecture. Building the international center in Russian Federation
    • Venture financing
    • Transfer pricing in new economic conditions
    • The novels about Double Taxation Agreement between Russia and Cyprus


    • Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation Representative
    • Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Representative
    • V. Shumskiy - Russian Ambassador to Cyprus
    • A. Paleev - "Korpus Prava" Managing Partner
    • A. Stephanou - Senior Principal Tax Assessor, Inland Revenue Department of Ministry of Finance Of Cyprus
    • M. Aristidou- Assistant Manager, International Banking Division, Alpha Bank (Cyprus)
    • L. Krister - Norwegian and Swedish Export Corporation Representative
    • K. Zimarin - Managing Director and CEO, Russian Commercial Bank (Cyprus)



    • Meeting clients’ needs in the context of liquidity crisis: best practices
    • Formats for presence of Russian and other banks in Europe.
Current benefits and opportunities to use branches and subsidiaries in Europe: Cyprus, the Baltic States, the
United Kingdom
    • Opportunities and prospects Cyprus provides for investment.
Procedures and requirements set by the Cyprian Security Exchange Commission for investment companies
    • Survey on established work practices of investment companies in Cyprus.
The opportunity analysis of undertaking international investment by CIS residents
    • Hedge fund as a managing instrument of collecting investments into the real estate
    • Comments about Double Taxation Agreement between Russia and Cyprus


    • Influence to new business conditions in Cyprus of operating activity in the real sector.
Prospects of using Cyprus' capacities by holding companies with operating assets in Russia and CIS countries
    • Methods and forms of tax control in Europe. Transfer pricing. Inspection procedures. Tax prosecution
    • Complicated issues of indirect taxation in the EU
    • Investment taxation in Cyprus: sale of stocks, shares, investments via hedge funds, share transfer of Close Share Investment Funds, etc.
    • Business restructuring for structuring the assets and decreasing the expenses


    • Valuation of assets and conditions
    • Service and job rating for taxing
    • Business value for realization of international direct investments


    • D. Pufos - Head of the Inland Revenue Department of Ministry of Finance Of Cyprus
    • A. Paleev - Korpus Prava Company Managing Partner
    • G. Damianou - "Korpus Prava Corporate Services" Senior Lawyer
    • I. Kocherginskaya - Head of Project Consultacy Division of "Korpus Prava"
    • S. Berlizov - STB Bank Representative
    • V. Fedotov - Head of standard-legal regulation of estimated activity
Department, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russian Federation


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