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“Korpus Prava. Analytics” — Tax & Law Magazine for Top Executives

Aimed at all business owners and managers of financial entities it offers new ways for organization of various processes, leading to more productive work and more successful development.

This quarterly magazine has gained popularity and a large regular readership because of the relevance of the actual subjects studied by KorpusPrava and of the proposals for action based solely on the company’s experience.

You can find interesting selected articles on our site or receive the full published edition by subscribing to the magazine. We are sure that the magazine will not only increase the efficiency of your employees, but also reduce costs for consultants.

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Korpus Prava. Analytics

Korpus Prava. Analytics

The journal describes the best tax and financial solutions, approved by our company. The journal highlights legal and tax aspects of business functioning and business planning.

The "Korpus Prava. Analytics" traditionally consists of several parts, each of which cover various issues arising in the business practice, vital issues relating to tax implications and their solutions, holding structuring, etc.

Frequency: 5 times per year (includes a special issue).

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What worries the accountants more this fall
- Are auditors the spies hired by tax authorities?
- Adjustment invoice: helper or additional problem?
- The Federal Tax Service has no idea what happened last year
- Fine for improper statements
Svetlana Sviridenkova
Reception of Foreign Law Institutions by the Russian Law as Exemplified by Establishment of the Inheritance Fund Institution in 2018
In its developmental stage the law is affected by historical, cultural, social and other factors, which can be both domestic and foreign. The fact that the Russian Civil Law is relatively young, if compared to the foreign legal experience matured over the centuries, somehow explains the strong influence of the foreign law on the Russian legislation, including entrenchment of many foreign legal patterns.
Vlada Shafirova
What good news could the securities market bring to a taxpayer
For some time now legislators have tried to attract personal savings to the securities market. It may be explained by the fact that Russian companies desperately need financial injections, but many of them have no access to the market of cheap foreign credits. The Russian investment market requires the so-called "long-term money", therefore, tax allowances for investors are granted only in case of a long-term holding of securities.
Tatyana Frolova
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