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Overview of recent court decisions related to the application of the concept of the beneficial owner of income
Legal cases in which courts have focused on the qualification of the beneficial owner of income have increased significantly in recent years and in most cases have become a rule rather than an exception.
Alexey Oskin
International commercial arbitration as a method to resolve cross-border disputes
International commercial arbitration (hereinafter, ICA) is an arbitration court, appealing whereto is one of the alternative methods to resolve cross-border disputes (Alternative dispute resolution – ADR). Currently, ICA is a widely applied instrument.
Ekaterina Sechkareva
On certain development trends of the case law in Russia
It is commonly known that technically the case law in the Russian legal system is not a source of law. Nevertheless, actual development trends in the resolution of certain legal issues are stipulated by the case law.
Roman Moskovskikh
Subsidiary Liability of Controlling Persons at Bankruptcy
Any company may have a moment when it is unable to meet its obligations to creditors.
Kirill Sirotinskiy
Search for the Actual Income Recipient Continues
In this article, we propose to consider the essence of the case and have a look at the main arguments of the courts and the supervisory authority.
Aleksey Oskin
Trends in the Russian Judicial Practice on Tax Disputes following the results of 2015
Unfortunately, as the analysis of judicial practice on tax disputes in 2015 reveals, most key judgments were also made against taxpayers.
Aleksey Oskin Senior Lawyer
I don’t know who and why needs it... Review of the Code of Administrative Court Procedures of the Russian Federation
Judicial reform in Russia is a permanent event, it never ends with anything. Those who are at least slightly familiar with the history of Russian court proceedings know that in fact this is a history of judicial reforms smoothly evolving from one into another.
Leonid Kunin
Last bow of the RF SAC
Starting to speak about the Resolutions of the Plenum of the RF Supreme Arbitration Court, they should be treated with a special respect, as these are the last Resolutions of the RF SAC. That is not the last in time, but the last in general.
Leonid Kunin
On the matter of legal nature of gift cards
Gift cards are now widely used by various trade companies as a product increasing interest of buyers both to goods (works, services) and to company card issuer.
Leonid Kunin
Arbitration cases and court system: results of 2013
The growing role of case law in Russian arbitration practice is not surprising at the moment but at the same time makes both lawyers and business follow the cases produced by the court not least important than alterations of current laws.
Leonid Kunin
The Legal positions of the Supreme Court of Arbitration of the Russian Federation that Changed the World
The legal positions of supreme courts are an effect that appeared at the junction of legal systems, the continental legal system on the one hand, i.e. the source of this system being a codified legislation, and the case legal system on the other.
Leonid Kunin
New Requirements for Advertizing in Russia: Legislation and Practice
The last six months of 2012 have been incredibly rich in introductions of new laws and regulations on advertising activities. The most arguable ones were, undoubtedly, the amendments in the law “On Advertizing” – the major legal act that directly regulates the procedure and the conditions of advertizing goods, works and services.
Olga Kuramshina