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Tax Returns

Preparation and submission of tax returns is not an exclusive prerogative of legal entities – individuals are also liable for declaration of their income and payment of calculated tax amounts. Preparation and collection of documents carried out on a professional basis is a guarantee of meeting all legislative requirements. And vice versa, the lack of necessary competencies may result in adverse financial consequences, such as additional tax charges, penalty recovery, foreign travel ban, etc.

When preparing individual tax returns, it is very often that the issues arise that are as complex as those arising during the preparation of tax returns for legal entities. For instance, declaration of income from operations with securities on the foreign broker’s account is the problem that requires involvement of an experienced professional.

Preparation of tax returns is one of the traditional business areas of Korpus Prava Private Wealth that involves provision of the following services:

  • Filling in and submitting 3 – PIT tax return form;
  • Consultation on tax legislation issues;
  • Collecting + documents for tax deductions.