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One for all and all for one: explanatory statements of the Supreme Court on the matters of subsidiary liability of people with significant control
At the end of the passing 2017 year, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation held a plenary session and adopted Resolution of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Plenum No. 53 dated December 21, 2017 on the matters of subsidiary liability for people with significant control over the debtor upon bankruptcy.
Alexey Oskin
There is no money, but you hang in there!
On July 30, 2017 the law that came in force tightening the procedure for bringing controlling parties to subsidiary liability (Federal Law No. 266-ФЗ dated 29.07.2017). The current legislation of the Russian Federation allows bringing parties controlling the debtor to subsidiary liability in certain cases of company’s insolvency.
Roman Moskovskikh
Review of Recent, but Last Year Amendments in the Law on Bankruptcy
Last year, yet another amendments to the Federal Law on Insolvency (Bankruptcy) were enacted. It was quite anticipated for many reasons.
Leonid Kunin
The Afterlife: Insolvency of an Individual
Most of experts agree that the new amendments are positive and they view them as a herald of new civilized methods of settlement of disputes and indebtedness of individuals.
Alexey Oskin
Insolvency of the developer: issues and mysteries
Taking part in share participation construction of property is one of the most common ways of acquisition of dwelling. Purchasing a ready dwelling both on first sale and resale markets is way more expensive. Economizing, however, brings along the risks which perhaps nowadays are the most significant ones in civil turnover involving natural persons.
Leonid Kunin
The Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation regarding disputing debtor's transactions under bankruptcy procedures
Due to many changes, being constantly introduced into bankruptcy law, the Plenum of the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia has prepared a new explanation of case law. The Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia has clarified legal rules governing disputing a debtor's transactions under bankruptcy proceedings.
Alexey OSKIN