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Immovable property

Immovable property

On Wealth: What is the relationship between family and wealth – and how can they possibly stay together?
In order to stay wealthy as a family over generations, the family has either to have the foresight to avoid all the threats or indeed be very fortunate to navigate the seas of change successfully.
Dr. Ariel Sergio Goekmen
Financial lease: difficulties in accounting by the lessee
When making a decision to purchase property (fixed assets) under the financial lease (leasing) agreement, a business owner rarely thinks about peculiarities of accounting and tax consequences that this method of acquisition will entail.
Svetlana Sviridenkova
On the empowerment of notaries
In modern Russian reality, the notary personifies the link between the economic entity and the state. At the same time, there is a tendency to expand the powers of notaries in the legal community, as well as to expand the limits of their liability.
Roman Moskovskikh
Inheritance fund: innovation in the civil law
In 2018, amendments to the Civil Code regulating the institute of inheritance funds entered into force. Thus, our legislator is trying to adapt the Russian law to the requirements and demands of the modern world.
Tatiana Frolova
On the Acquisition of Real Estate by Foreigners in Switzerland
Swiss real estate for private use has been en vogue for some time now. Many foreign passport holders who move to Switzerland are interested in acquiring property and others their own holiday homes for private use.
Ariel Sergio Goekmen
Characteristic features of taxation of income from participation in real estate investment trust (REIT) of a non-resident interest holder in the Russian Federation
For a long time, closed real estate investment trusts were powerful legal arrangements for tax planning with the help of which tax payers to execute income tax deferment, or completely avoided paying income tax on compelling legal grounds.
Alexey Oskin
New rules on the main point: changes into the legislation on transactions
Back in the Concept of Civil Law (hereinafter - the Concept) approved by the Federation Council in 2009 mixing of different systems of state registration was mentioned as well as a need to switch to a uniform system.
Yana Karausheva
A New Look at Things: The reform of right in rem in Russia
Due to changes the provisions of the section of the Civil Code dedicated to property law have significantly improved the detail of the law, and the section as such has been supplemented by new categories of right in rem.
Alexey Oskin