Intellectual Property

We provide legal support related to registration and use of intellectual property rights, including trademarks and service marks, patent investigations, know-how and business methods, software and databases.

As part of intellectual property services our specialists conduct due diligence, prepare licensing agreements, protect the rights in case of unfair competition.

Capital Transactions / Real Estate

We assist with legal due diligence, structuring of the transaction, preparation of share purchase agreement and other related documents (share options, guarantee), implementation of the transaction, including registration of the share transfer, and confirmation with the public authorities.

We provide support for capital transactions (M&A) for both, the seller and the buyer, on all stages, and in different jurisdictions, in accordance with their legislation and regulatory requirements.

Due Dilligence

Our due diligence services include risk assessment associated with capital transactions, change of company management, reorganization or business restructuring. Our experts conduct both financial and legal due diligence.

We have a comprehensive approach to the procedure, so it consists of analysis of information and documents, interview of the authorized persons, report preparation, including an assessment of current situation and a forecast of possible risks.

AML & Compliance

Operating a business across multiple countries requires dealing with regulatory requirements, which change and become more complicated from year to year. So compliance with global anti-money laundering (AML) standards continues to be a key part of company activity.

As part of AML and compliance services we do client activity monitoring and document analysis, information check in international compliance databases, Know Your Client procedure (KYC), determination of client’s risk level and other required activities.

Corporate Governance

Ongoing company and compliance advice to corporate clients that covers all elements of company law, AML, data protection, corporate procedures and other issues relevant to the specific industry, analyzing corporate policies, shareholders’ relations.

We assist in legal structuring of the companies or holdings, optimize stakeholder’s relations including ESOP, management and fiduciary duties.


Corporate & trust administration


Registration of foreign companies makes it possible to enter new markets, ensure the safety of assets, optimize the overall tax burden, and earn additional profit. We provide company incorporation services in many popular jurisdictions, like Cyprus, Hong Kong, UAE, UK, Montenegro and others.

<Incorporation in UAE>

Specialists of our corporate practice take care of all stages of the process, including company name approval, preparation of documents, payment of fees, communication with authorities.

Company Administration

Company administration services enable business to safeguard compliance with all legal, tax and other regulatory requirements in the country of company incorporation.

We provide directorship and nominee shareholder services, with secretarial services, including registered office, preparation of corporate documents, maintenance and filing of company records.  Our specialists also assist in opening of foreign bank account, consult on bank account operation.

Real Substance

Real substance is an important tool used in law-tax jurisdictions to control the transparency of doing business. Real substance is confirmed by renting an office, hiring local staff, confirming tax residency and other means, depending on the country of incorporation.

We provide comprehensive support in the organization of real substance, including audit of companies’ activities to comply with the requirements of the legislation of the chosen jurisdiction, assistance in renting an office and hiring local employees.

Trust Formation and Administration

Trust is one of the effective tools for asset protection, wealth management, tax planning. Trust formation consists in the transfer of assets to a trustee to manage them for the benefit of designated beneficiaries.

Our Trust formation services include provision of the most appropriate structure and type of Trust, acting as trustees or co-trustees for the administration of trusts, provision of full accounting services and portfolio administration.

Fund Administration

Fund is another way to protect assets. Creation of Fund allows to make transactions on behalf of the fund without disclosing the beneficiaries, to ensure the safety of property, and to attract foreign investors through additional guarantees.

Our specialists can help with formation and administration of portfolio investment funds, including hedge funds, private equity funds, including venture funds, and real estate funds.


Private wealth

Family Office Support

Family Office is a complex legal and information service aimed at the legal solution of personal financial problems as well as at protecting the family asset from commercial and political risks.

<Foundation in UAE>

As part of Family Office services, our specialists provide capital and risk management, trust management and corporate services, inheritance planning, life and property insurance, assistance in implementation of family business projects.

Family Constitution. Transfer of Inheritance

Family Constitution is an effective tool for structuring and managing of wealth. It is a set of rules on how family members will manage and dispose of their assets and business.

Our family constitution services include collecting and analyzing information about family members and assets; development of rules for participation in family business and financing of projects; localization and establishment of asset management rules; drafting of document.

Foreign Bank Accounts

Our specialists provide support in opening bank accounts in foreign banks and payment systems. Our services include assistance with choosing a bank, organizing documents and submitting an application to the bank, communicating with the bank, filling out required forms.

After opening an account, we also help with filling out and submitting notification about accounts and deposits opened in foreign banks, and with the preparation of a cash flow statement.

Migration Services / Relocation

As part of migration services, our specialists assist  with obtaining a residence permit, visas and citizenship in different countries; accompany the process of relocation of businesses and employees.

Our services include legal advice at all stages of relocation; communication with the migration service and preparation of necessary documents; assistance with opening bank accounts in foreign banks. 


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