Irina Kocherginskaya

Managing Director / Cyprus

Managing director, senior lawyer with years of experience in management of consulting projects for support of reorganizations, restructurings and transactions in the field of M&A.

Professional consultant in international tax planning and administration of the international holding companies.


Yana Dimitrova

Managing Director / Hong Kong

Has more than 10 years of experience in the corporate practice of the company. Specializes in Hong Kong corporate law.

Accompanies clients on the issues of registration and administration of companies, prepares consultations on issues related to the taxation of Hong Kong, interacts with local banks on opening accounts for companies.


Oleksandr Pustovoi

Compliance Officer

Has over 5 years of experience in investment banking and over 10 years in corporate and M&A project management.

He is a Compliance Officer approved by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and included in public AML Compliance Officers Register. He designs internal policies relevant to the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, monitors client acceptance process, conducts risk assessment during ongoing and transactional monitoring of the customers.

Anastasia Stepanova

Marketing Manager

She was engaged in the marketing of the legal practice of the company, and now she is working on the promotion and development of the digital products.

Participates in the planning of marketing activities and budget, develops the corporate identity of products, participates in brand management, organizes the work of contractors in various areas.


Dmitriy Demchenko

Performance Marketing Manager

He has professional skills in search engine optimization, digital advertising, as well as experience in project management and product development.

He is engaged in analytics of advertising and organic traffic, conducts full control and improvement of advertising channels for the company’s products, tests and launches new advertising channels.


Ilya Parshikov

Data Protection Officer

Ensures full compliance of the company with European regulations and other acts in the field of personal data protection. Identifies all categories of personal data processed by the company, develops a general development strategy towards the legitimate use of data.

Works with various technical solutions and software, and manages databases.


Svetlana Sviridenkova

Director (Audit)

Head of the Audit Department, auditor, tax consultant.

Specialist in accounting and auditing. Certified auditor (unified certificate), certified professional tax consultant, acting member of the Institute of professional accountants of Russia (IPAR). Annually updates qualifications in the areas of accounting and taxation.


Julia Vints

Director (IFRS)

Has more than 10 years of experience in finance in the areas of IFRS, management accounting, audit.

In the company, she is responsible for accounting support and preparation of financial statements of foreign companies in accordance with the requirements of international standards.


Ekaterina Ozerskaya

Chief Financial Officer

Has more than 15 years of experience in accounting and taxation, including the positions of chief accountant, head of the management, accounting and tax accounting department.

She is engaged in financial support of the company’s activities, oversees financial planning and budgeting.


Natalia Lubimova


Has more than 10 years of experience in developing relationships with clients and partners.

In the company, she is engaged in the establishment and development of partnerships, oversees the work of account managers, forms commercial offers for clients and is engaged in the strategic development of new services and products.


Julija Lubimova

Marketing Director

In the company, she is engaged in the development and promotion of the company’s services and products in the local and foreign markets.

Responsible for marketing planning and budgeting, supervises contractors at different stages of content creation, attracting new customers, and design development.


Natalia Smirnova

Client Relationship Manager

Has more than 5 years of experience in building and developing relationships with partners and clients. Participates in the coordination of non-standard requests, and finds a unique and effective solution for each client.

In the company, she is engaged in the search and attraction of new customers, interaction with current partners and establishing relationships with new ones.


Ekaterina Zhivova

Client Relationship Manager

Has extensive experience as a customer service manager, as well as experience in servicing private clients, which allows her to quickly navigate the client’s request and find the most effective and fastest solution.

In the company, she is engaged in primary consulting of the client at his request, monitoring the provision of services, ensuring interaction between the client and the specialist.


Milena Saakyan

Business Development Manager

Milena is engaged in building and developing relationships with partners and clients, she is responsible for consulting work with partners and their requests.  Milena represents the company at events, and is also engaged in establishing external communications.

In addition, she promotes a new direction of the company’s migration services, advises and accompanies clients with them.


Artem Paleev

Managing Partner

Founder and Managing Partner of Korpus Prava. Has about 20 years of experience in managing Tax and Law Departments.

Today, he is actively developing digital transformation in company, acting as a Product Owner of new digital products in the field of LegalTech, RegTech, FinTech.

Constantly improves his qualifications, and exchanges experience with colleagues at leading universities, such as Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge.


Alexey Oskin

Managing Director

Professional lawyer, tax and legal consultant. Conducts consultations and prepares legal positions at the request of clients in the framework of corporate, civil, tax and labor legislation.

He has extensive experience in protecting the interests of the client in courts of various instances – the main specialization is corporate conflicts, bringing to subsidiary liability.


Tatiana Frolova

Leading Lawyer / Private Wealth

Tatiana helps in solving complex issues in the field of tax, currency, family and other branches of law.

Advises clients on tax and currency residency issues, accompanies clients in preparing tax returns and notifications, participates in supporting the work of the Family Office and developing a strategy for protecting private assets.


Anna Gordile (Senchenko)

Leading lawyer

The main field of activity is project consulting, as well as tax and legal business audit.

He has extensive experience in tax planning and corporate administration of foreign companies.

She received an LL.M. in the direction of “international commercial law” at the University of London (University of London).


Denis Dolgov

Junior Lawyer

The main specializations are tax law, currency legislation, international tax law and international financial law.

Denis is engaged in legal support of individuals in the preparation of tax returns, notifications and reports, and advises clients on tax legislation.


Anastasia Norkina

Junior Lawyer

Specializes in civil law, civil and arbitration proceedings. She is engaged in legal analysis of civil law contracts, corporate documents, and prepares legal positions on issues of commercial and corporate law.

She successfully conducts proceedings in arbitration courts, accompanies transactions for the acquisition of a share in the authorized capital, interacts with the tax inspectorate and other state bodies.


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