Founder and Managing Partner of Korpus Prava. Has about 20 years of experience in managing Tax and Law Departments.

Today, he is actively developing digital transformation in company, acting as a Product Owner of new digital products in the field of LegalTech, RegTech, FinTech.

Constantly improves his qualifications, and exchanges experience with colleagues at leading universities, such as Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge.

Professional lawyer, tax and legal consultant. Conducts consultations and prepares legal positions at the request of clients in the framework of corporate, civil, tax and labor legislation.

He has extensive experience in protecting the interests of the client in courts of various instances – the main specialization is corporate conflicts, bringing to subsidiary liability.

Tatiana helps in solving complex issues in the field of tax, currency, family and other branches of law.

Advises clients on tax and currency residency issues, accompanies clients in preparing tax returns and notifications, participates in supporting the work of the Family Office and developing a strategy for protecting private assets.

The main field of activity is project consulting, as well as tax and legal business audit.

He has extensive experience in tax planning and corporate administration of foreign companies.

She received an LL.M. in the direction of “international commercial law” at the University of London (University of London).

The main specializations are tax law, currency legislation, international tax law and international financial law.

Denis is engaged in legal support of individuals in the preparation of tax returns, notifications and reports, and advises clients on tax legislation.

Specializes in civil law, civil and arbitration proceedings. She is engaged in legal analysis of civil law contracts, corporate documents, and prepares legal positions on issues of commercial and corporate law.

She successfully conducts proceedings in arbitration courts, accompanies transactions for the acquisition of a share in the authorized capital, interacts with the tax inspectorate and other state bodies.

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    YouReg is a platform-based solution for entrepreneurs to do company formation and administration, bank account opening and accounting - you can manage all the procedures in the personal account.

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    Tax Resident

    Tax Resident is a mobile app for tracking and calculating days of stay in any country for tax residency purposes. With the app you no longer need to count days manually by the stamps in the passport.

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