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Economic Disputes and Bankruptcy

Economic Disputes and Bankruptcy

There are several ways to resolve a conflict situation. Pre-trial settlement of economic and commercial disputes is the most efficient way. Our lawyers support clients at all stages of negotiations with counterparties and find the best solutions.

If a conflict requires a judicial proceeding, our lawyers will assist you in settling this rapidly and efficiently, using their knowledge and expertise.

We offer our services to represent legal entities in Arbitration Courts to settle disputes relating to:

  • Common law;
  • Corporate law;
  • Rights to immovable property;
  • Land;
  • Construction and investment businesses;
  • Law on promissory notes;

and services in:

  • Compensation of losses and debt collection;
  • Appealing against administrative regulations that are violating rights and legitimate interests of the Russian Federation constituents;
  • Legal support in executing court decisions;
  • Representation of interests and involvement in court enforcement proceedings;
  • Interaction with the representatives of specialized organizations (auctioneers);
  • Appealing trade results;
  • Legal support for interim measures (seizure of property and assets);
  • Court and extrajudicial appeal against interim measures imposed by judicial or other authorities, discharge of debtor's property and assets from seizure;
  • Claim activities.


Korpus Prava team also includes bankruptcy officers who manage bankruptcy procedure in accordance with the Law on Bankruptcy, thus allowing us to protect the interests of creditors at all stages of the bankruptcy process.

Services provided by Korpus Prava:

  • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Participation in any stage of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Participation in bankruptcy proceedings, initiated in relation to town-forming and agricultural organisations.