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Legal and Tax Consulting

Legal and Tax Consulting

Today’s business is full of questions that arise during the process of company activities. Every company needs legal support (starting from document analysis to conducting high-level negotiations in the presence of a lawyer) and the services of tax consulting.

Subscription-based legal services are services that include a full spectrum of legal support for your company activities and tax consulting.

Korpus Prava offers:

  • Reliable assistance to your business in all legal and tax matters;
  • Qualified lawyers for consulting who can provide comprehensive protection for your company;
  • Direct presence of an expert at a pre-arranged time for assistance during negotiations, signing of documents and during other stages that are crucial to your business;
  • Personalised recommendations on all issues that arise in relation to taxation and law.

Three of the Most Popular Service Packages

Korpus Prava offers three subscription service packages that are classified according to the number of legal services and consultations on tax matters. If you have difficulties choosing the best solution, our experts will help you make an optimal decision by providing a free consulation.

Furthermore, we are prepared to design a personalised programme that is based on the characteristics of your business, taking into consideration the specifics of your company activites. This will enable you to receive not only just a simple service, but also a personally tailored service system while still being able to use special discounts.

Our experts are always there to help you and provide you with the maximum professional support.

Subscription-based legal service is a well-established protection for the company in all legal and tax matters, effcient solution for occurring problems, it is time-efficient and good value for your money.