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Capital Transactions / M&A

Capital Transactions / M&A

The implementation of M&A projects is a multifaceted and lengthy process that requires detailed planning by both a seller and a buyer.

When carrying out an M&A project the parties have to agree on the structure of the transaction and to confirm the following matters:

  • The cost of the transaction;
  • The responsibility for the risks;
  • Tax implications;
  • Expenses of the transaction.

The interests of the parties

The Seller:

  • Presentation of the advantages of the transaction object;
  • Guarantee of receiving the income from the sale of shares;
  • Opportunities to optimise the taxation of the income;
  • Opportunities to use the income in the future.


  • Ensuring confidentiality of information about the transaction;
  • Simplifying the procedure of transferring ownership rights.

The Buyer:

  • Identifying the maximum number of risks;
  • Obtaining a comprehensive structure;
  • Optimisation of taxes on dividends;
  • Optimisation of taxes on the income from the sale of shares.

Korpus Prava provides support for capital transactions (M&A), for both the seller and the buyer. Capital transaction support work includes a variety of services depending on your requirements.

Advantages of choosing Korpus Prava services:

  • An international team of experts, including experts specialising in common law;
  • High professional standards;
  • Many years of experience in large-scale project implementation, including projects in foreign jurisdictions;
  • Efficient procedures;
  • Good value for money;
  • Personal approach;
  • Free consultations during project implementation (tax and legal advice).

Client recommendations can be provided on request.