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Intellectual property

Intellectual property

Korpus Prava specialists have a broad experience in licensing intellectual properties and registering the rights to these objects (if necessary).

We work with the objects like:

  • Trademarks and service marks;
  • Patent investigations;
  • Trading secrets (know-how) and ways of doing business (business methods);
  • Software and databases.

Main types of services provided by Korpus Prava in Intellectual Property Registration are:

  • Licensing and registration of trademarks and service marks;
  • Licensing and registration of patents;
  • Licensing and registration of software and databases;
  • Licensing of the rights to trading secrets and business methods;
  • Registration of licensing agreements;
  • Obtaining court orders that allow to set conditions in agreements restricting competition, the use of the doctrine of deprivation of rights and coordination of a special regime for using the rights (in Cyprus);
  • Protection of the rights against unfair competition (in Cyprus).

Korpus Prava experts can register the rights for trademarks in line with the national legislation of Russia, Cyprus, EU or according to the Madrid System.

The main advantages of the "Madrid system" are:

  • Submitting a single application for registration of a trademark concerning all countries of the Madrid Treaty;
  • Significant reduction of application costs;
  • The possibility of subsequent "extensions" of the international registration;
  • A simplified system of subsequent "service" of the registration by sending a single request to make changes, issue a renewal, transfer of the rights for all registered countries;
  • The period of validation of international registration of a trademark is 10 years, with an option to extend it;
  • Application for the international registration is accompanied by duty payments that are paid directly to the International Bureau WOIS. All payments are made in Swiss francs (CHF);
  • Applications for international registration are submitted in the jurisdiction of a country where the applicant is a resident of;
  • Our company’s specialists will help you file an application for the registration of trademarks in WOIS system from the Russian Federation, Cyprus and Great Britain.