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Tax Disputes

It must be said that, as a rule, any judicial dispute with tax authorities is an extraordinary event in taxpayer’s life. The nature of the dispute implies the involvement of a qualified third party expert to resolve the problem.

Korpus Prava provides services related to tax disputes:

  • Disputing all types of acts issued by tax authorities;
  • Challenging any activities or lack of activities of tax authorities;
  • Disputes related to reimbursement of indirect taxes;
  • Confirmation of expenses that would reduce taxable income;
  • Cases of major and foreign taxpayers.

Our lawyers protect clients’ interests during theirdealings with tax authorities at all stages:

  • Receiving a cameral or field tax audit report;
  • Protecting clients’ interests in pre-trial proceedings: lodging objections to regulations and acts issued by tax authorities;
  • Representing clients’ interests when considering these acts and regulations;
  • Preparing appeals to a higher tax authority;
  • Comprehensive analysis of procedural prospects of a dispute;
  • Designing the statement of claim;
  • A petition to take interim measures that would prevent debiting the payment of arrears from a taxpayer’s bank account;
  • Exercising procedural powers, filing petitions, and giving explanations;
  • Participating in the interrogation of witnesses called into court by tax authorities.

Our experts protect the interests of conscientious taxpayers in courts of appeal and cassation, as well as during supervision proceedings.