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Registration and Administration of Companies

Registration and Administration of Companies

The aims and objectives company registration in offshore and low-tax jurisdictions:

  • Optimisation of the overall tax burden of the enterprise in terms of tax planning expenses;
  • Identification of the favourable terms for taxation.

Main advantages of the classic offshore arrangement:

  • It is not required to keep records and provide reports , weak tax control;
  • No income tax (replacing the income tax with a small annual fee).

Countries that provide classic off-shore arrangements are the following: British Virgin Islands, Belize, Panama, Seychelles, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Bahamas, Hong Kong and others.

Classic European holding jurisdictions where the taxpayer has an option to use preferential rates when paying dividends, interests and royalties are Cyprus, England, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Korpus Prava provides the following types of services in the framework of the registration and administration of non-resident companies:

  • Registration of companies (establishment and registration of companies, changes in the team of shareholders, directors, secretaries; receipt of all kinds of certificates, registration of the issue of shares , registration of the pledge of shares, apostillization of documents);
  • Performing a function of a corporate director and nominee shareholder;
  • Secretarial services for foreign companies (preparation of contracts with nominal shareholders, conducting meetings with shareholders, processing protocols and resolutions of company administration, storing company documents);
  • Preparation of all types of shareholder agreements;
  • Opening accounts in foreign banks;
  • Creation of infrastructure that allows quick communication between holding company parts in a national jurisdiction and its foreign counterpart, formation of document flow between national and foreign companies, organisation of document and information transfers;
  • Interaction with public authorities.