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Creating and Managing of Hedge Funds

Creating and Managing of Hedge Funds

Korpus Prava provides services in creating and supporting offshore investment funds.

We work in the following first-class offshore jurisdictions:

  • Cayman Islands;
  • British Virgin Islands;
  • Republic of Cyprus;
  • Bermudas
  • Malta;
  • Luxembourg (within the framework of the existing tax exemptions and for the purpose of listing);
  • Singapore/Hong Kong S.A.R. (for managers physically located in these countries);
  • Ireland (within the framework of listing and administration).

Types funds to be created:

  • Portfolio investment funds, including hedge funds;
  • Private equity funds, including venture capital;
  • Real estate funds.

Main tasks that are resolved through the creation of offshore funds:

  • Income from assets in the Russian Federation (or other onshore jurisdiction) in tax-free zone;
  • Transactions on behalf of a fund without disclosure of beneficiaries;
  • Preservation of property;
  • Redistribution of income;
  • Attraction of foreign investors by additional guarantees;
  • Reduction of administrative burdens – entrance into a more liberal legal field to carry out professional activities, avoiding licensing requirements and regulations.

Structure creation services include:

  • Creation and development of structure;
  • Recommendations on choosing a jurisdiction and legal consultation;
  • Administration of the fund (on client’s request);
  • Design and preparation of document packages in accordance with the aims of the project;
  • Regular consultations with lawyers, Fund Administrator;
  • Search and auditor's recommendations, assisting in the drafting of letters to CIMA to obtain the fund license;
  • Management of investment policy;
  • Preparation for tax audit;
  • Search and selection of a nominee director, with a full spectrum of nominee services;
  • The organisation of legal entities and preparation of necessary documents;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • Due diligence at all stages of the project;
  • Registration in stock exchange (on client’s request);
  • Receiving codes of securities: ISIN, SEDOL, Bloomberg (on client’s request);
  • Continuous management of each project;
  • Controlling the launch and operation of the structure.

Structure maintenance services include:

  • Contractual work on making transactions by the funds;
  • Preparation of necessary documents (certificates, certified copies, letters of attorney, etc.);
  • Annual servicing of legal entities of the structure, extension of licenses, registrations, stock exchange listings, etc.;
  • Opening additional bank accounts, interaction with bank officers.