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Managing and Administration of Seacrafts and Companies

Managing and Administration of Seacrafts and Companies

Korpus Prava provides registration of any type of vessel (private or commercial) in any Registry around the world.

Proof of ownership and insurance of the vessel as an asset are two main reasons why the registration of any vessel in any Register becomes imperative. However, choosing the best Register for every specific vessel may be quite a difficult task because of the differences between legal and tax systems of every country.

Our company can suggest the choice of the most suitable Registry(ies), based on our client’s specific requirements and then implement and finalise the registration procedure with an aim to provide better service to our clients.

Besides the above, Korpus Prava provides the following services:

  • Legal assistance on any maritime issue;
  • Registration, pledge security and pledge collection;
  • Registration of shipping companies;
  • Administration of shipping companies;
  • Shipping tax advice;
  • Yacht leasing schemes;
  • Negotiations with agents and/or brokers on buying or selling a vessel on client’s behalf;
  • Designing and reviewing vessel purchase and sale agreements, financing agreements, mortgage and of other legal and supporting documents.